Quilter MicroPro Mach 2, 8-Inch Combo Guitar Amp

Quilter MicroPro Mach 2, 8-Inch Combo Guitar Amp

The Quilter 8 inch Mach 2 combo is the ultimate grab and go performance amplifier. Consistently our #1 seller, the Mach 2 8-inch consistently outperforms much larger and more powerful amplifiers.

The Quilter 8 inch Mach 2 combo:
is the ultimate grab and go performance amplifier. The smallest and lightest of the Mach 2 combos (Only 19 pounds.), the 8 inch features a very potent high power pro audio driver. A sealed enclosure calibrated to deliver a very balanced and beautiful tone combined with the characteristics of an epic speaker designed to withstand the full fury of pro audio power.

Celestion’s TF0818 speaker:
delivers amazing low end and a beautiful and articulate upper range. Great for both acoustic and electric instruments, the 8 inch Mach 2 is unquestionably the most extensible and flexible of the Mach 2 lineup. If you are wondering whether an 8 inch speaker can cut it, go ahead and put that out of your mind. It is our top selling combo amplifier for a reason. Combine this with our 12″ extension cabinet for staggering power that will easily handle outdoors or coverage without a PA system.


Powerful: 100 watts per channel. 200 watts total when using channel 1 and 2.
Toneful: Patented next generation analog technology.
Portable: Take it on board the plane and put in the overhead bin.
Reliable: Stop fussing with 70 year old unreliable technology and play more!
Ultra-Light: This is the lightest of our combo amps. About as heavy as your guitar in its case.
Modular: Combine this with our matching extension speaker, or use your own for outdoor or extremely loud gigs.
Flexible: Works with nearly any impedance, or even with the speaker unplugged.
Consistent: Our power supply auto-adapts regardless of the voltage the wall is dishing out. Your tone never suffers, even from “nightclub voltage.”


Quilter 101 Mini Head, Guitar Amp

Quilter 101 Mini Head, Guitar Amp

The 101 Mini Head is the original revolutionary 2 pound amp that turned the whole guitar world on its head! Weighing in at 2 pounds with up to 100 watts of power, it is a formidable addition to any pedal collection. Whether mounted on the pedalboard, or sitting atop any extension, this is your choice for flexible voicing and simple intuitive controls.

Imagine being able to pack 5 of history’s greatest sounding amplifiers into a package so small it fits in the pouch of your gig bag.
Imagine a head so light you almost forgot it was there. Imagine a streamlined set up that only takes a few moments.
Forget about the problems you are used to, like bad voltage or tiny stages. Plug it in and turn it up.
Your friends stop snickering and their jaws begin to drop as a generous helping of Quilter wattage fills the room. Now they are asking where to get theirs. Welcome to a whole new world of practical and affordable tone.

Your back has been waiting for this since the first time you laid hands on a heavy amp. With the 101 Mini Head, you can have gloriously huge tone without lugging around bulky and temperamental heads.

On the stage:
Real world power that sounds even bigger than tube technology. Unlike last-generation solid state technologies, Quilter amplifiers have enormous internal headroom far above our published rated power. This means you get extra voltage swing, huge transients and, more importantly, the feel and harmonic content you can’t usually get without glowing bottles.

At home:
Turn the Master way down, or plug in your headphones and keep it totally quiet as you work on your music late into the evening. The 101 Mini Head is the perfect missing link between your effects and your speaker cab, and tucks in anywhere to make your DAW look even more beautiful.

Get one:
Backed by a industry-leading warranty, Quilter amplifiers are setting new standards in performance amplification. Your new Quilter 101 will be far more reliable than any traditional technology and is backed by a team with a passion for music and a commitment to ensuring you get the most from your tone — every gig, every song, every time.


50 watts of “FullQ” power with up to 100 watts on the “clean” settings (Jazz and Surf)
Gain, Tri-Q, Voicing, Hi-Cut and Master controls
1/4″ high impedance input jack
Effects Loop: 1/4″ Send and Return jacks
1/8″ Headphone jack for quiet practice
Dual 1/4″ speaker outputs for variable loads 16 to 4 ohms
Standard IEC power cable (non locking)
Universal power supply — take it anywhere in the world without need for transformers or switches
Ultra compact (roughly the size of a double wide effects pedal)
8 3/8″W x 3 1/8″H x 5 1/2″D
2 Pounds