Taylor Guitars 300 Series

Our 300 Series has introduced countless players to the pleasures of the all-solid-wood acoustic experience. Players can now choose between two different, equally vibrant wood pairings: sapele back and sides with a spruce top or blackwood back and sides with a mahogany top. Sapele and spruce produce a wonderfully clear and balanced voice. Blackwood and mahogany are similarly clear and focused with pronounced midrange power and warmth, and the hardwood mahogany top creates a natural compression effect that helps even out a lively strumming attack. All models feature satin-finish back and sides; spruce tops sport a rich gloss finish, while the dark-hued mahogany tops display a more vintage look with a shaded edgeburst and satin finish. Other aesthetic details for all models include black binding and our Small Diamonds inlay scheme in Italian acrylic.

Taylor TAYLOR 312ce 12-Fret


TAYLOR 312ce 12-Fret

aylor’s 12-fret guitars update a classic steel-string design with signature touches that combine a slinky handfeel with impressive tonal power for the compact Grand Concert body size. The 312ce 12-Fret’s slightly condensed 24-7/8-inch scale length makes the fretting experience more accessible, while the solid sapele and Sitka spruce pairing produces a vibrant midrange with pleasing focus and projection. V-Class bracing bolsters the projection and sustain, adding sonic headroom for lively players looking for mix-leading sound from a small, comfortable frame. Appointments include satin back and sides with a gloss top, black binding, Italian acrylic small diamond fretboard inlays, a 3-ring rosette, a Venetian cutaway, and Taylor’s stage-ready ES2 acoustic electronics. The guitar comes with a Taylor deluxe hardshell case.

Shape; Grand Concert
Top Woods: Sitka Spruce
Body Woods: Sapele
Electronics: Expression System® 2
Cutaways: Venetian Cutaway
Bracing: V-Class

Taylor 326ce


TAYLOR Grand Symphony 326ce

Urban Ash™ and mahogany serve up a pleasing
surround-sound tonal experience

The 326ce, the latest Grand Symphony model to sport Taylor’s innovative soundport cutaway, boasts warmth and tonal balance in equal measure thanks to mahogany’s natural compression effect and midrange punch.
Back and sides of responsibly sourced Urban Ash yield a tonal response akin to high-quality Honduran mahogany, with a neo-tropical mahogany top that emphasizes a fundamental strong quality. V-Class™ bracing pumps up the volume and enhances the pitch accuracy up and down the neck, while the soundport cutaway adds a completely new tonal dimension, producing an immersive sound that fills any room with fluid, high-fidelity detail and rich sustain
— a truly “symphonic” listening experience that lives up to the body style’s name.

Specs include a 24-7/8” scale length, 1-3/4” nut width, and light gauge strings.
Appointments support a dusky aesthetic, with an Urban Sienna color treatment
for the top, back, sides and neck, shaded edgeburst top, and 5-mil satin-finish body.
Other details include Urban Ash for the soundport’s cutaway cap, Taylor satin black tuners, a threering rosette, black binding, Gemstone fretboard/
peghead inlays in Italian acrylic and a black pickguard. It ships with built-in ES2 electronics in a deluxe Taylor hardshell case.

Taylor 314ce


Taylor 314ce V Class

Our popular Grand Auditorium 314ce is an acoustic workhorse that performs equally well in the practice room, recording studio, and on stage. This latest edition features our acclaimed V-Class bracing, a revolutionary innovation in acoustic sound that responds with greater musicality and harmonic agreement. By introducing a more orderly vibration to the guitar’s top, V-Class bolsters the sustain and volume to offer players a more dynamic voice to explore, while also resolving the minor intonation issues that players have long had to contend with. Together with a solid Sitka spruce top and solid sapele back and sides, you can expect a balanced and articulate blend of top-end brightness, midrange fullness, and low-end warmth that accommodates an array of playing styles. Appointments include black binding, Gemstone fretboard/peghead inlays in Italian acrylic, and satin-finish back and sides with a gloss top. A Venetian cutaway invites your fretting hand up the neck, while our proprietary ES2 electronics serve up faithful plugged-in tone. The guitar ships in a deluxe hardshell case.

Shape; Grand Auditorium
Top Woods: Sitka Spruce
Body Woods: Sapele
Electronics: Expression System® 2
Cutaways: Venetian Cutaway
Bracing: V-Class

Taylor 324ce


Taylor 324ce

A rich-grained mahogany top paired with Tasmanian blackwood back and sides give Taylor’s medium-size cutaway Grand Auditorium body plenty of tonal and visual character. The clear, punchy midrange behaves well in a mix with other instruments, and delivers the kind of musical versatility that makes this a reliable guitar in different playing scenarios. Neo-traditional appointments complement mahogany’s dark, vintage looks, including a shaded edgeburst top and all-satin finish. The guitar incorporates a Venetian cutaway and comes equipped with Expression System® 2 electronics for a dynamic amplified acoustic sound.

Body Wood: Tasmanian Blackwood
Top Wood : Tropical Mahogany
Shape: Grand Auditorium
Cutaway: Venetian Cutaway
Electronics: Expression System® 2
Specialty: 6-String