Drums And percussion instruments

Roland TD-07KV


Conveniently compact and ideal for drumming at home, the TD-07KV V-Drums kit delivers the superior expression and playability of high-end V-Drums in an affordable package. Roland’s original ultra-quiet, double-ply mesh heads feature across the snare and tom pads, while large crash and ride pads and a dedicated kick pad with realistic, satisfying pedal feel round out the kit. The TD-07KV also lets you explore creative opportunities that go far beyond any acoustic kit, with deep editing tools to craft custom sounds, onboard Bluetooth to play along with music tracks and lessons, USB to connect with computer recording software, and much more.


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Rland TD-17K-L

Roland TD-17KV, Electronic Drum Set With Mesh Pads

When you’re serious about drumming, you need a kit to match your ambition. The V-Drums TD-17 series lets your technique shine through, backed up with training tools to push you further.


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YAMAHA DTX402K Electronic Drum Kit

YAMAHA DTX402K Electronic Drum Kit

The sounds combine years of experience creating authentic, top-quality drum sounds with 10 built-in drum kits.
-10 built-in training functions and improve your groove and expression as a drummer.
-Combining newly developed drum pads with silent kick unit.


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Pearl Road Show

Pearl Road Show, Complete acoustic drumset

If you’re looking for an affordable turn-key complete drum set, look no further. The Pearl Road Show hs everything you need to start rocking.


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