School band and orchestral rentals with option to purchase



Per Month USED: $20



Per Month Used: $20

Alto Sax


Per MonthUsed: $35

Teno Sax


Per MonthUsed: $40
Limited Availibility



Per MonthUsed: $25

Snare KiT


Per Month Used: $20
Limited availability



Per Month

Bell Kit


Per Month Used: $20
Limited availability



Per Month 1/8 to 4/4 size
Used: $20



Per Month4/4 Size only
Used: $40
Limited availability

Download the credit approval form and fill it out to avoid long lines when you come to one of the stores listed below to rent your instrument.

-Credit approval does not guarantee instrument availability, please call the store for availability.
-The individual that fills out the credit application must be the one that comes to the store to rent.

Renters must live within a 100 mile radius of one of our stores.

At Portland Music Company are proud to be able to offer a rental program that could save you hundreds of dollars over the competition. Not only do we rent top quality, individually adjusted band instruments, but we offer a very attractive purchase option with our rentals.

All rent applies to the purchase of the instrument you are renting for the first 4 months. Half of all rent will continue to apply thereafter. Upon returning any rented band or orchestral instrument, up to one year of rent can optionally be applied as stipulated above to any more expensive new student band or orchestral instrument up to 30 days after the return of rented instrument. Initials Guitar, Amp, Keyboard and Drum rental payments can only be credited toward the instruments that are initially rented. Rental instruments cannot be exchanged unless proven defective.

Portland Music Company agrees to maintain instrument in good playing condition under normal wear and tear for 1 year from the initial rental. Lessee is responsible for repairs made necessary due to damage or other negligence. Loaners are sometimes available during the first year warranty period and short-term rentals can be arranged depending on stock availability. In some circumstances repairs can take up to 3 weeks.
Lessee is responsible for the full value of the instrument to Portland Music Co. less any rent paid under the terms stated above in the event of loss, theft, irreparable damage, modification or unauthorized repair on rented instrument.
All rentals require a non-refundable 2-month minimum payment.

Payments made later than 14 days from due date , (due date is same day of month rental was started), will be charged a $5.00 late fee . Late fees are not applicable to purchase.

Lessee agrees to return instrument on demand if rent in arrears in excess of 30 days. In the event the rented property is not returned to lessor in accordance with the terms of this lease, lessee shall be responsible for the purchase price of the instrument less any rent paid under the terms stated above, unpaid rental fees and late charges, reasonable collection fees and, if suit or action is instituted, reasonable attorney and collection fees and court costs as determined by the court.
Portland Music Co. may revoke right to purchase option if lessee falls more than 60 days in arrears of any monthly payment.